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A First Foray Into The Sacred Peaks Of Golok: Eastern Tibet

In July 2017, Adrian Bottomley and Kyle Obermann embarked on a bold reconnaisance expedition to fully traverse the sacred peaks of Golok; a spectacular range that straddles a remote region of present-day Sichuan and Qinghai, in the historical Tibetan province of Amdo.

Categorized by surreal shark-toothed finials and tens of translucent lakes, the massif is also home to many rare wildflowers (including Meconopsis Barbiseta and Primula Euprepes), multiple nesting sites of the endangered Black-necked crane and 40 or so snow leopards. It is also revered as the topographical manifestation of a mandala of Chakrasamavara, the most important meditational deity in Tibetan Buddhism.

Awe-struck by what we discovered, we will be heading back in July 2018 to explore further with a small group of guests. Notably, we will also be collaborating on the follow-up expedition with two local Tibetan monks who deeply inspired us with their grassroots efforts to conserve this unique biosphere for future generations.