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China Exploration: An Expedition Into The Gaoligong (& Meili Snow) Mountains Of Yunnan.

In June 2018 we ran our fourth intrepid expedition into the remote northern Gaoligong Mountains along the border of Yunnan and Burma. On this occasion,  we discovered what can only be described as a 'super bloom', with, in particular, huge varieties of rhododendrons flowering profusely.  In addition to the myriad species of plants, we also found many different birds (with my particular favourite being the fire-tailed sunbird) and perhaps most remarkably of all, a small herd of wild takin.

We never tire of exploring this spectacular hidden 'sanctuary' - so if there are any flower enthusiasts, adventurers or wildlife film crews interested in discovering what is surely one of the most prolific temperate biospheres on the planet, then please do get in touch. Here at Whistling Arrow, we are uniquely positioned to make it happen. In the meantime, below are a few images to enjoy from our most recent trip.