1. Trip Photo Journal: Custom Adventures With The Eagle Hunters Of Western Mongolia

The spectacular Altai mountains provide the backdrop for our custom designed expeditions and adventures with the fabled eagle hunters of western Mongolia. Our trips are an amazing combination of moderately challenging wilderness hiking, horse-riding (optional) and cultural immersion with guests living alongside the eagle hunter families in comfortable and traditionally decorated gers.

The trips are tailored to specifically suit you and your family (or group of friends) and so vary in price depending on your exact schedule and number of people in the group. The best months for the private trips are June through to September, and the optimal length of stay is between 10 and 12 days in total (including stays in Ulan Bator).

2. Trip Photo Journal: Custom Festival & Photography Trips In Kham, Eastern Tibet.

The esoteric Cham dancing and horse-racing festivals that take place every summer throughout western Sichuan are a photographers dream. Knowing where and when the most interesting and seldom-visted celebrations take place is something of a trade secret and rather opaque to outsiders as the dates typically have to both reference the Tibetan calender and be sanctioned by local lamas.

Typically, most of the festivals are held in June, July, October and November. November is also the best month to be on the road in the region with spectacular clear blue skies and golden autumn foliage. Get in touch for more details.

3. Trip Photo Journal: A Custom Expedition To Discover Blue Poppies In The Wilds Of Tibet.

Never ones to duck a challenge, we have designed and managed multiple botanical trips to hunt for rare and elusive flowers and plants throughout western China, including arguably the most fabled of all Himalayan flowers - the blue poppy. 

Here, we have posted images of that delicate blue specimen, but we are equally happy to help you discover  hundreds of other species, including multiple varieties of meconopsis (including the very rare lilac Barbiseta), primulas (including our favourite, the jet black Melanantha) and more rare rhododendrons than you can shake a stick at. Get in touch for more information.

4. Trip Photo Journal: A Custom Trekking Trip In Yunnan With The Swiss Club Of Singapore.

Many of our trekking adventures in China and Mongolia take place quietly, behind the scenes, and are custom-designed for specific private groups. One such trip was a bespoke trek that we organized for the Swiss Club of Singapore in rural Yunnan.

Our brief was to design a relatively challenging adventure for the club's reasonably fit members,  and one that could be completed within a total of 9 days. The preference was also to stay in local farmhouses rather than camp in tents. This is just one example of literally dozens of unique private trips we have designed over the years in western China, so please do get in touch to discuss our best ideas.

5. Trip Photo Journal: A Private Expedition To The Korowai Tribe, West Papua, Indonesia.

In April 2016, Adrian Bottomley and Phyllis Hischier, a keen anthropologist and collector of Papuan art, embarked on an expedition deep into the remote jungle home of the Stone Korowai tribe in Indonesian New Guinea. There, we documented a tribe struggling with their own cultural direction as they are 'encouraged' - often with false promises of money, schooling and clinics -  to swap their remarkable towering treehouses for rows of rustic wooden shacks in government-sponsored settlements.

Towering treehouses are the Stone Korowai's calling card. For decades, hidden behind a curtain of thick jungle, the tribe were in an almost constant state of conflict,: among themselves, against other Korowai clans and with the neighbouring Kopayap tribe. The fighting effectively kept all outsiders (including proselytizing missionaries and agarwood traders) at bay until the late 1970's and provided the rationale for the Korowai's vertigo-inducing arboreal homes, some of which stand 35 metres off ground.