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Off Season Winter Adventures In Mongolia This Year (2020/21).

Despite being one of the least affected countries globally, and essentially Covid-free, the summer months will sadly see no international travel to Mongolia in 2020. Typically, at this time of year, we would be running a couple of trekking expeditions, as well as custom-designing a handful of adventures for families and private groups. However, (fingers crossed) all is not lost. Deep winter in the Altai is brutal, but these age-old mountains shelter the far west of the country from the worst of the cold, and so this year (as and when the borders hopefully re-open to non-restrictive travel), we are planning to invite a few select clients to join us on two immersive small-group trips during the 'shoulder' months of November (2020) and March (2021).

The first will see us embedding with a family of eagle hunters, and journeying with the lead hunter as he convenes the annual community eagle hunt, while the second will involve migrating with a renowned family of horse breeders, as they move their livestock from their winter dwelling, across frozen rivers and snowy passes, to their spring camp, and pastures new. Availability will be limited, so please do get in touch today to register your potential interest, and review more trip details.