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Trekking: The Most Transformational, Experiential & Sustainable Way To Travel?

I know, that's a lot of travel buzzwords to squeeze into one blog title! Joking aside though, in our humble opinion, exploratory trekking expeditions are, all at once, genuinely experiential, relatively sustainable (after all we do tend to walk all day and sleep in tents), and oftentimes - truly transformational. The latter is a big call, but over the years, we have led many private expeditions (sometimes even one-on-one with clients), where the stripped-down reality of being completely off-the-grid, of dealing directly with unscripted challenges as they come, inspires many of us to explore not just beyond the next spectacular horizon, but deep within ourselves. And then there is the time to think; lots of time to think, and reflect, with an extraordinary philosophical clarity that is mirrored only by the crisp mountain air. You should try it sometime!