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Launching new nomadic journeys in northern & central Mongolia

Over the years we have embedded clients with a number of nomadic families that we have come to know well during our explorations of western Mongolia. Initially these were mainly photographic enthusiasts keen to immerse themselves in an authentic nomadic experience, as the eagle-hunters of the Altai moved migrated their livestock to and from their summer pastures. Eventually, we also began to custom-design 'soft adventure' trips for intrepid families based around the same concept, and these 'unique' holidays were universally lauded to the point that we began to look further afield, to other parts of Mongolia, in search of similar nomadic, and migratory journeys. The good news is that we found two, and they are both extra special; one in northern Mongolia (near Lake Khuvsgul), and the other in Arkhangai, in the centre of the country. Both families embark on extraordinary (and rapidly disappearing) migrations with their oxen, and for those of you potentially interested, we would be happy to design a wonderfully immersive trip, either as a stand-alone visit to one of the families, or perhaps in combination with one or two others.