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An Overland Cultural Adventure Through The Tibetan Borderlands Of Western China.

In our honest opinion, the Tibetan borderlands of western Sichuan (and parts of southern Qinghai) are not only the most scenically spectacular in the whole of the Tibetan plateau, but also - the most culturally interesting. For years now, we have received various client requests to use our expert knowledge of the region to create a unique (and slightly 'softer') cultural adventure that will enable our guests to immersively experience many of the region's hidden gems.  And so, in July 2018 we set off once again, to explore several authentic and eclectic festivals that take place every summer throughout the (historical) eastern Tibetan province of Kham, and design a trip that we will be offering to our clients for 2019.

Please note, that this unique adventure will be limited to just six places (as Adrian and Edward will drive two large 4WD's with three guests in each vehicle) and confirmation of the trip dates will be dependant on the final release of the Tibetan calendar in January 2019. In all probability though, the trip be scheduled for mid to late July 2019, so if anyone would like to pre-register their interest (two people have already done so) then please do get in touch today.