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Forging An Epic New Route To The Sacred Peaks Of Yading In Western China

In October 2017, our small team of expeditionary climbers and trekkers forged a new trekking route from the historical Kingdom of Muli to the sacred peaks of Yading. Having previously pioneered and trekked the Yading 'Big Kora' four times before, we were well aware of just how breathtakingly beautiful this region is, but even we were left awe-struck by what we found.

Once again, except for the odd nomadic herder and his yaks, we had the whole wilderness to ourselves. We also identified a number of unclimbed 5000m+ peaks that would present fantastic new challenges for Alpine first ascents. All in all, the trip reinforced our view, that for pure unadulterated mountain porn, these spectacular peaks, lakes and valleys are probably the most beautiful in China. We would even venture to suggest that they offer some of the very best expeditionary trekking in the whole of Asia.

** Please note that we will be running a follow up expedition (open to all) to further explore this spectacular region in October 2019.**