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The Kawa Karpo Kora Trek, Yunnan / Tibet: A Fond Yet Sad Fairwell.

The Kawa Karpo Kora trek was once one of the region's great mountain adventures. In recent years it has been compromised by the building of a new road, on the Tibetan side, and the establishment of a police checkpoint near Chawalong which often presents a headache to those of us used to trekking the route without a permit.

Post 2015 , there is sadly also a problem with rubbish, as the trail was overwhelmed with large numbers of pligrims circumambulating the sacred mountain in what was the most recent auspicious Year of the Sheep. Local villagers and authorities have vowed to organize a clean-up but in my humble opinion, the situation is almost beyond repair.

We have successfully lead three seperate expeditions around Kham's most important pilgrimage over the years, but it's now time to move on and discover pastures new. For posterity's sake, here are a few photos, to remember one of our favourite trips.