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All you need is plov (and daily showers of course)!

Our DNA at Whistling Arrow is firmly rooted in a long history of delivering exploratory, and often unique expeditions.  Over the years, these have typically involved exploring the more remote, and largely 'undiscovered' corners of Asia. But pioneering adventures can take many forms; they do not always have to be driven by the search for new geographies alone, but rather by coming up with new and singular experiences in some of our tried-and-tested destinations such as the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan. So, when a group of clients declared that they were keen to travel to, and trek in, Central Asia - but ONLY if we could make it as comfortable as possible - Whistling Arrow went glamping; with large, spacious bell tents, comfortable beds, and daily showers! Don't tell any of my rugged explorer friends, but I could get used to this!