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Observing, Filming & Photographing Snow Leopards In The Wilds Of Western China. 

Not many people know this - but one of the best places in Asia (if not the best) to track, film and photograph the elusive snow leopard is in the Tibetan borderlands of Western China. In one particular valley, at certain times of year, clear sightings of the estimated dozens of resident big cats are indeed relatively frequent.

If that were not enough, there are also myriad other mammals in this area, including brown bears, wolves, pallas cats and white-lipped deer. Later this year, probably in late October or early December, I plan to head back to this remarkable valley once again to capture some natural images (as opposed to the one's taken by camera trap below) of the wild snow leopards. If any wildlife photographers are interested to join me on an exploratory trip, please do get in touch.