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We're a huge fan of exploring these mountains; but only our way of course!

We have recently returned from a trip to the Fann Mountains of northwestern Tajikistan.  The area is spectacular, and can easily be combined with a visit to one or two ancient locations of lore, such as Samarkand; a place that to me at least still evokes the same kind of archival wanderlust as Timbuktu! Like many ranges though, these mountains have already been 'discovered', and while  trekking numbers remain relatively light (particularly given it's magnificent scenery), it still pays to do things a little differently and venture off the more well-trodden trails. I am always amazed how so many operators just settle for the 'usual' (and to be fair logistically easier) route templates, when more often than not, a more enterprising and exploratory approach can still be immensely rewarding!