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Our Latest Custom-Designed Trekking Expedition In Western Mongolia Proves To Be Our Best Yet!

After many months of planning, in September 2017, we embarked on a custom-designed trip into a previously un-trekked region of the Altai mountains along the border with western Mongolia and China (northern Xinjiang). Our clients, many of them who were travelling with us for the second or third time, were a diverse group of friends looking for that unique adventure of a lifetime. The original expedition brief had been a challenging one - to create an intrepid 'first foray' adventure that would offer the opportunity to discover a completely 'unexplored' and awe-inspiring corner of Asia - all in relative comfort and stocked with good wine, whiskey and a couple of Fortnum & Mason hampers!

So, supported by a team of six Bactrian camels, Shohan the eaglehunter (who acted as our camel driver), two local nomadic guides, two cooks, a camp assistant and myself, our team of eleven forged a pioneering route deep into the southern reaches of Altai Tavan Bogd; a pristine wilderness notable for its beautiful, larch-covered valleys, crystal-clear lakes, lunar-like foothills and snow-capped mountains. Over 10 days, we explored new frontiers that had previously been completely off-limits to outsiders, and were rewarded with a spectacular adventure that will linger long in the memory.

As a final treat - the expedition was also featured in the official Fortnum and Mason adventure journal