­­­­Upcoming Asia Treks

Our trademark annual expeditions are both original and extraordinary. We don’t do humdrum. Just exceptional trips open for all to join.

 Custom & Special Interest Trips

Using our deep local knowledge we also design pioneering private trips for intrepid groups of hikers, photographers & plant-hunters.

Asian Artefacts

A distinctive collection of traditional hand-woven rugs, wood carvings, bronze statues, exquisite thangkas and other indigenous art.

Exhibitions & Events

 Including Hong Kong based exhibitions to sell our original Asian artefacts and talks by 'guest' explorers and photographers.

Welcome to Whistling Arrow

Our aim is straightforward: to create an imaginative portfolio of truly extraordinary adventures. All personally designed and managed, our annual trekking expeditions are defined by a never-ending quest to unearth new and intrepid travel experiences here in Asia; home to the world’s most diverse continent. 

On our travels, we are also passionate about sourcing distinctive Asian ethnographic art and artefacts: discriminating, collectible pieces that are rooted in age-old artisanal traditions and central to the identity, place and belonging of those that made them, both past and present.

So, please delve into our site and get in touch with any questions you may have. We are always happy to hear from you.


Upcoming Asia Treks

Our scheduled, small group treks are open to everyone to join and displayed in chronological order below.  We understand though, that our fixed departure dates may not always work. So, for pre-arranged groups of at least four people, we are happy to try and re-create any expedition to suit alternative dates.

We also design custom, private trips for those of you with special interests in the region such as flower-hunting, photography and esoteric Tibetan cultural festivals.

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<span style="font-weight: bold;">1. Kawa Karpo 'Pilgrimage' Trek</span> 
1. Kawa Karpo 'Pilgrimage' Trek 
Eastern TIBET

The epic pilgrimage route around this sacred 6740m peak which straddles the border of Yunnan and Tibet is one of Asia's great mountain adventures.

September 16 - October 02, 2016

<span style="font-weight: bold;">2. NEW 'Epic' Rhododendron Trek</span> <br>
2. NEW 'Epic' Rhododendron Trek
Eastern NEPAL

Join an epic rhododendron trek connecting Milke Dande with the untouched upper Tamor and Arun Valleys by crossing the wild Lumbasumba Pass.

April 15 - May 5, 2017

<span style="font-weight: bold;">3. NEW Yading 'Hidden Peaks' Trek </span><br>
3. NEW Yading 'Hidden Peaks' Trek
Eastern TIBET

A unique chance to join a 'first foray' trekking expedition to the south of Yading and attempt the non-technical summit of an unclimbed 5000m peak.

May 26 - June 11, 2017

<span style="font-weight: bold;">4. NEW 'Alpine Flower Hunter' Trek </span><br>
4. NEW 'Alpine Flower Hunter' Trek
Western CHINA

Join the first botanical expedition to traverse the northern Nujiang and Dulong Valleys in the wild borderlands of Yunnan, Tibet and Burma.

July 28  - August 14, 2017

You Just Have To Go For It Sometimes

Ignore the little voice in your he­­ad ­­that­­ can list a a dozen reasons why you can't go.
If you choose to not go often enough, eventually you'll wonder where all the time went.


Everyone Welcome

Our groups are typically both diverse and international, often starting out as a collection of slightly nervy newcomers united by a collective spirit of discovery and adventure. And yet, without fail, they finish a close-knit and happy bunch: the result of shared challenges and unique experiences.


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