Scheduled 2023 Expeditions
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Our scheduled (and continually evolving) annual expeditions are open for everyone to join, and displayed here in chronological order. Please note that for the foreseeable future, each of these expeditions will now be limited to just 7 guests, and in most cases, personally hosted and led by our founder, Adrian Bottomley. We understand though, that these fixed departure dates may not work for everyone. So, for other private, pre-arranged groups, we are happy to try and arrange similar customised expeditions to suit your alternative dates.
* Please note that we are working towards publishing our full trip schedule by the end of January, 2023.*

Join a uniquely-designed and impactful expedition, guided by one of the region's fabled eagle hunters, as we trek deep into an unexplored corner of the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia.

Aug 20 to Sep 2, 2023


Join us on an exploratory expedition to explore one of the most beautiful mountain sanctuaries in the Himalayas; the glaciated wonderlands hidden away at the base of Gangkhar Puensum.

Nov 3 to 20, 2023

Arrange A Private Expedition

We understand that the fixed departure dates of our scheduled adventures may not always work for everyone. So, if you are able to assemble a pre-arranged group of your own, we can try and customize a private expedition to suit the dates available to your group. 
We are also happy to design custom expeditions affiliated for example with charity challenges, alumni groups , corporate employee engagement and various other clubs and organizations.
* Please note that most trips are only possible in relatively narrow weather windows and are usually not advisable outside of these optimal timeframes *