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A Family Adventure With The Eagle Hunters Of Western Mongolia.

The fabled eagle hunters of western Mongolia have captured the imagination of intrepid travellers for years. To this day, the close relationship between man and raptor seems to touch a deep desire in many of us for a closer connection with nature. Their nomadic home range, in the large glacial valleys and snowy peaks of the Altai mountains also remains one of the last untouched frontiers in Asia.

And it is this spectacular wilderness that provides the backdrop for our newly-launched expeditions designed specifically for adventurous families.The trips are an amazing combination of moderate wilderness hiking, horse-riding (optional), comfortable ger-stays (or camping) and exploratory visits to ancient petroglyphs. Oh, and there's an immersive family-stay with the eagle hunters of course.

The family excursions are tailored to suit you and your family and so vary in price depending on your exact schedule and the number of people in your group. The best months for the private trips are June through to September and the optimal length of stay is between 10 and 15 days in total.